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Samsung Galaxy S5 5.2-Version Leaked, First Ad Showcased at Oscars 2014, and Otterbox Cases Revealed

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Samsung Galaxy S5 5.2-Version Leaked, First Ad Showcased at Oscars 2014, and Otterbox Cases Revealed

By Gel Galang

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been officially unveiled, there are other additional rumours going about, this time pointing to another version of the device.

The latest update hints at a possible slightly bigger Samsung Galaxy S5, which will sport a 5.2-inch Quad HD display and the Exynos 5420 processor. According to Phone Arena, this could be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship in the same way that its predecessors have been sold with differing processors, depending on where a customer is located.

This follows the announcement that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a handful of freebies once it is released. CNet reports that Samsung is readying free and premium subscriptions to applications for those who will be getting their Samsung Galaxy S5 devices come April.

Some of the add-ons include Galaxy Gifts, containing premium service with Run Keeper, a three-month Premium LinkedIn account for employees and employers, a six-month subscription to The Wall Street Journal, three months of Evernote Premium and even a 1TB storage capacity with Bitcasa for three months, to name a few. It's like getting $500 worth of credits and freebies, a pretty good deal for the Korean company's 2014 flagship device.

Samsung's appearance at the Oscars 2014

Between being mocked by Nokia for some blurred selfies to the epic selfie taken by Ellen Degeneres using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Korean company has been rocking a storm at the Oscars 2014.

And now, it has also debuted its first Samsung Galaxy S5 TV ad at the same event, where the 30-seconder has showcased its flagship phone for 2014. It's a pretty simple ad and it highlights just the 5.1 full HD screen and the built-in heart monitor.

But perhaps the fact that Bradley Cooper's tweet has already made history, Samsung has already raked in the dollars that it sponsored in the first place. Check out the ad below.

*Video from Youtube/Samsung Mobile USA

Otterbox already has cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5

If you have been gearing up for your Samsung Galaxy S5, then you might want to check out the latest designs being offered by Otterbox.

Granted the Samsung Galaxy S5 is already an "Active" one in that it has qualities of ruggedness that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has seen. For some, this means that there is no longer a need for protective case. But still, despite the phone's water- and shock-resistant, it still is made of plastic and glass, and that accidents can easily take its toll on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Gotta Be Mobile has already spotted Otterbox's three new designs, which are specific to the Samsung Galaxy S5. These three designs offer different levels of protection for your phone.

First off is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Defender Series case. This style ensures that your Samsung Galaxy S5 is encased in multiplayer protective bubble, its own screen protector, a sturdy clip, and an overall added ruggedness and bulkiness.

There is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Preserver case, which allows you to further waterproof your device for up to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes. This can make underwater shots even more secure.

Lastly, there is also the Commuter Wallet Galaxy S5 case, which lets you carry around your Samsung Galaxy S5 in a slimmer case that also carries your cards and a few bills. This is great for those who have limited carrying space, and works especially well for commuters and travelers who don't carry around a bag.

According to the report, a Symmetry Galaxy S5 case may also be in the works, though the only detail about this case design is that it will be a slimmer version of a combination of the Defender and Commuter series.