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CES 2015 Wishlist: The Prynt phone case

2015/1/23      view:

The best part about CES is coming home with a wishlist full of prospective tech items that I want for myself, and such was the case for CES 2015. This year’s show-floor was full of innovative products that I’ll be looking to add to my life in the coming year. And if you’ve been keeping up with the tech game for 2015, you know that photography innovations are a hot commodity this year. Thus, the Prynt Case is topping my CES 2015 wishlist.

So what is the Prynt Case? Only the greatest thing to happen to mobile photography since Instagram! Basically, it’s a dock/case system that works with your phone to print pictures directly from your mobile photographs. So, it’s like a portable Polaroid camera that works alongside your smartphone. However, the case does not use ink to work, and instead uses a special paper for the image. So, you NEVER have to worry about buying cartridges. Yahtzee!

The version that was demoed at CES only required about 30 seconds to print the image, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. If you’re like me and you’re waiting to get your hands on the Prynt Case (I even signed up for email notifications), you’ll need to wait a little longer. Prynt will launch a Kickstarter campaign in January, so it’s going to take a little time before you’re able to buy this product.

But, I maintain it will be worth the wait!