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iPhone 6 Plus Cases That Can Keep Your Smartphone Free Of Scratches And Bending

2014/10/7      view:

Apple is still trying hard to quell fears and assure buyers that the new iPhone 6 Plus is not as easy to bend as some of last week's videos started suggesting. But even if you're not worried about your new iPhone 6 Plus bending under the pressure, investing in a sturdy iPhone case can help your new smartphone survive all of the accidental drops and bumps that the future no doubt has in store.

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Here are a few options for cases you can look into to make sure your new phone lasts at least until the iPhone 7 gets here.

Of course, Apple has its own selection of iPhone 6 Plus cases that you can pick up or order alongside your new phone. Apple's got two different kinds of cases for its new generation of phone: leather and silicon. Both cases are advertised as preserving the iPhone 6 Plus' slim design by adding as little bulk as possible, though both cases are also just thick enough to keep the iPhone 6 Plus' new protruding camera lens protected. Both cases come in several different colors, five for the leather and six for the silicon. The leather case adds just a touch more class to your device, though the silicon case does run $10 cheaper than the $49 leather cases.

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Cell provider AT&T is actually offering a bundle deal for those who want to give both the iPhone 6 Plus' body and screen some additional protection. On the carrier's website, you can order a Pelican protector case along with a tempered glass screen protector for $85 dollars. The bundle, though, adds in a car charger for just $1.25 more.

A clever case over at Case-Mate fully embraces how the iPhone 6 Plus blurs the line between phone and tablet. The larger phone has increased capabilities in landscape mode, including a new landscape home screen. Case-Mate, then, is providing a new Stand Folio case that lets users prop up their iPhone 6 Plus on its side, letting the phone stand free on a work desk or table. Available for $40, the case also comes with two slots for credit cards, a drivers license or cash, making it a solid choice for users looking to take more advantage of the new landscape functionality of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Finally, the folks at OtterBox have three different case options up for sale so buyers can pick out which one fits their needs best. Their Defender series is a thicker case for added protection that comes with a belt holster for users whose pockets can't handle Apple's new behemoth. The Symmetry series offers a slimmer case for people who want to keep their phone trim, even with the protection of a case. Finally, the Commuter series offers port covers to give your phone's most vulnerable areas a bit more protection from dirt and water. The last two of these cases hover around the $50 price range while the extra bulk of the Defender series nets it a $70 price tag.